If you are looking for a unique party game, consider Ninja Rush! This crazy mix of a board game and party game is a great game to play for kids, teenagers, adults, and even grown ups. It is a great pick for fundraisers, birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, or corporate outings.


Ninja Rush Board Game outside Box showing a few ninjas

Ninja Rush Board Game Box

Ninja Rush is a fast-paced, exciting game that combines a board game with the strategic thinking skills of a video game. It includes an array of exciting, high quality game cards featuring characters from the movie, Ninja Turtles. This is a fun time with family and friends as you compete against each other to finish your opponents’ objectives first!

In a glance

As a fun, fast-paced, board game that is easy to teach, Ninja Rush is a great choice for families. It is a game that everyone can enjoy playing. Also it has enough strategy that makes the game exciting to learn.However it is not easy for people to master it. Like a video game, the game starts off slow and then speeds up as you progress through the levels, while completing objectives. It is very forgiving and the speed at which the game progresses will determine how quickly you can complete objectives.

Ninja Rush is an exciting game to play. While you are making decisions during the game, everyone can figure out how to move forward quickly because there is enough room to maneuver.

Since this game is so fast paced, it doesn’t take long for people to move through the levels.

It is fun to play this board game is because of the excitement of trying to earn points on the board and get bonuses.

Moreover the game board is a bit complex.That means that it requires a lot of strategic thinking skills to get the best scores. Your friends will love playing this fast-paced game that is full of excitement!


Each Ninja Turtle in Ninja Rush is represented by a character card. All of these cards have a different bonus to increase your score. In the center of the board, you will find an array of spaces for the Ninja Turtle. When you reach the center, you will get another set of spaces to complete your objectives. You’ll use those spaces to move from one space to the next as you complete your objectives.

Because of the variations between Ninja Turtle boards, this board game makes a great birthday party or anniversary gift. You can customize the deck of cards so that all of the Ninja Turtles look different. You can even make your own personalized Ninja Turtle cards.


This game will keep adults and teenagers busy for hours, while children will enjoy the fast-paced, exciting challenge of the game. It is a great choice for a fundraiser as the pace is quick and the results can be amazing. The theme is so popular that you can use Ninja Rush as a great theme for any event.

This is a great way to reward your employees for their hard work and give them extra bonus points. This is a great way to encourage creativity among your employees. It will be a game of strategy, but anyone can see the value in what you are asking them to do. You can even use this as a fundraiser for the fundraiser event, if you are trying to raise money for a charity.


There are many different versions of Ninja Rush that you can choose from. Whether you choose the game on the first version or the second version, you can still create a fun experience. This is a great board game for adults and teens, young and old, as long as you like the theme. You can also choose to play a variation that has fewer Ninja Turtles and more multi-player ability.

Conclusion: Ninja Rush Review

If you want to play this make sure that you take it slow and don’t get frustrated if you cannot master it right away. The main purpose of the game is to add a little more fun to an otherwise dull occasion… And if you are not paying attention, it can be pretty difficult.

Make sure to check out the Ninja Rush board game. It’s a fun way to throw a party for everyone.