Tetris Board Game Review

Tetris Board Game Review

Tetris is a video game that has been around for decades and still manages to be fun. And now there’s even an entire boardgame based on the popular puzzle formula! It might seem like we’re being dramatic when we say this, but it really does feel as though you are playing two different games at once: one in which your pieces fall from above onto waiting blocks below, and another where each piece must fit into its corresponding slot.

Players: 2-4

Game Time: 20-30min

Complexity: Low

Age: 8+

Release Year: 2021

This game is published by Buffalo Games, makers of other great boardgames that are making big inroads at Target (where it retails for $20) with their line of inexpensive yet quality games. Tetris was designed primarily by Phil Walker-Harding and features everything you need: chunky plastic tetrominoes which you can place in a field.


Inside the box is a small game board for two to four players. On it, you’ll find an arrangement of tetrominoes — colored blocks that must be lined up in vertical stacks. There’s also a set of cards with victory conditions, such as six completed rows or four pairs matched together as well as connected pieces on top!

You’ll need to decide how you want to keep score before playing begins so make sure it’s something easy enough where everyone can win without too much trouble. Once you’ve chosen the Conditions/Victory Points then enjoy this awesome experience known simply as “Tetris”.

There are four clear plastic playing fields inside this box, not unlike smaller versions of Connect Four. You play the game by dropping your tetrominoes into place and then dumping them out when finished. In this new game, each player is given a deck of cards and must take turns flipping over one card at random from within. The revealed tetrimino will then go into you’re the playing field.

This new board game is very similar to the video game. Players begin by dropping a piece to start their turn. They can rotate and move that piece as they wish, but they must drop it at some point during this process. The goal is to complete horizontal lines. The more lines you complete, the more points you’ll have because players earn points for every line completed. You can also earn bonus points, but we’ll talk about that later. At the end of the game, the player with the most points is the winner.

It sounds easy enough – but don’t let their simplicity fool you. While Tetris is appropriate for anyone aged 8 and above, this isn’t just a child-friendly toy but rather a complex strategy boardgame that requires some planning.

This game also goes a step further by introducing a “mino.” Minos are little squares that can be put into tetrominoes to close up gaps. They’re perfect for a smooth game and you can earn more of them with strategic play. Toss one in before each tetromino to secure your chance of winning!

The game also has a special set of achievement cards you can try to complete. The board also has bonus icons that corresponds with certain pieces, giving you extra points when they match up.

Tetris Board Game Review

Gameplay Experience

Though the game doesn’t feel cheap, it has its flaws. In our experience, there were moments where some of the pieces got stuck and made for a frustrating experience as we tried to get them out with bamboo skewers or by banging the plastic bits on the table until the tetrimino pieces fell out, which is difficult at best! The stickers attached to the playing field also seem dense enough that air bubbles form easily throughout; something we found distracting during gameplay.

The physical game of Tetris also includes many tiny pieces. So, we recommend playing on a large surface, such as your dining room table or living room floor if possible. This will make it easy to keep track of all the small pieces. Be careful if you have any pets or young ones who love small toys walking about. Unfortunately, the pieces fall out of the matrix so you have to be vigilant. But, they do their own baggies to store them in.

Despite these flaws, it was great to play this game of Tetris. We’ve been a fan of the game Tetris since we were kids, and it’s so great to see this happen in real life! The entire thing is semi-transparent and looks amazing under the right lighting conditions. You’ll have everyone at your next boardgame night asking where you got such a cool game.

Plus, the puzzle game only takes about 15 minutes which means you can use it as a warm up before getting started on something more challenging or intense or play it repeatedly with different players! Teaching someone how to start is simple as well because there aren’t too many rules – and most people are already familiar with Tetris.

We also need to pay heed to the fact that this version of the Tetris puzzle is a great way to get family time, and it’s perfect for when you’re out on the go. You can play this game anywhere without Internet access so there will never be an issue with not being able finish your round! It also saves your eyes from spending a large amount of time staring at a screen.

After trying out the two-player version of Tetris, we can say that it was very easy to set up and understand. It can be hard sliding pieces into their respective notches though because if you angle them wrong then they won’t go in place! But with some practice on your end, you’ll soon find yourself moving onto the advanced games.

Tetris Board Game Review

Advanced Tetris

If everyone playing is a bit on the older side, give the advanced version of Tetris a shot. The instruction manual includes rules for advanced game levels that put the original Tetris into perspective. It’s more challenging, but players can still win by focusing their thoughts on achieving goals and trying not to make mistakes!

Final Thoughts

On the whole, the game’s sleek and colorful design is sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who has spent hours hunched over their Game Boy trying to figure out what do with that unwanted “S” block. We had a lot of fun playing this game, and it’s definitely one to add to your game collection!