Pac Man Board Game

Pac Man Board Game

With the Pac Man board game, you will rediscover the arcade classic experience all over again. In this tabletop game, you have to stay alert, move quickly, and be smart. It is both a collaborative and competitive game. 

Players: 2-5

Game Time: 20-40min

Complexity: Low

Age: 10+

Release Year: 2019

One player will take the role of the Pac-Man, who will try to gobble up as many Pac-Dots as he can, and at the same time, he must avoid the ghosts. Pac-Man can score points when he finishes parts of the maze, eats fruit, and eats ghosts.

While the Other Players will take the role of the ghosts (Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde), who will try to catch Pac-Man and also avoid being eaten, their role is to stop Pac-Man from getting a high score.

Once everyone plays as Pac-Man, the gamer who has the highest score will win. The game package has a scoring pad so the players can keep track of their highest scores.

Game Components

1 Maze Game Board (5 parts)

1 Electronic Pac-Man Pawn

4 Ghost Pawns: Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde

40 Ghost Cards (35 Level 1 and 5 Level 2)

16 Blue Ghost Tokens

4 Ghost Eyes Tokens

4 Power Pellet Tokens

4 Scoring Pieces

3 Pac-Man Life Tokens

3 Yellow Pac-Man Dice

3 Fruit Tokens

1 High Score Note Pad


Pac Man Board Game

Game Setup

Set up The Maze Game Board

1-The game board comes with holes; insert a yellow peg in each one of those holes. Then Push the peg from the top side of the board into the hole until the peg pops into the hole (with the fat side of the peg up). These are the Pac-Dots that Pac-Man will eat.

2-The pieces of the maze game board are marked (A, B, C, D, E). connect all the pieces together in alphabetical order in order to Assemble the game board.

3-Flip the 4 Power Pellet tokens in order to reveal the Power Pellets. Then put them in the maze on the 4 indented blank spaces, one on every corner of the board.

Placing the Character Pawns

1-Push down to activate the Pac-Man pawn sound effects after removing the white tab on it. Then put it on the PAC-MAN yellow start space.

2- Place all the Ghost Pawns In the ghost cage except for Blinky (red), which is placed in the Red Ghost space above the central ghost cage.

3-Near to the board put a full set of 16 blue ghost tokens.

Ghost Cards

1-The five Yellow Level 2 cards are removed from the 40 cards deck and placed in the box (unless you start Level 2 or play Arcade Mode).

2-The other 35 Blue Level 1 cards are then shuffled and placed face-down close to the board. It is the Ghost deck.

Choose Characters

All the players will take the Pac-Man role for one turn. in order to know who will play as Pac-Man first, roll the dice; the highest number goes first. the number of players will determine how many ghosts a player will control

For instance, For two players, one player is Pac-Man, and the other controls all 4 ghosts, while for three players, everyone controls 2 ghosts; for four players, one will control 2 ghosts, and the other two gamers control 1 ghost each, and for five players, everyone controls 1 ghost. Each ghost player places his respective colored Ghost Eyes Tokens in front of him.

Pac Man Board Game, How to Play?

In this game, Pac-Man has only life. Through the gameplay, Pac-Man will earn points by collecting all the Pac-Dots in each section.

He has to complete all 4 sections of the maze to complete the level. Players take turns moving; Pac-Man starts first.

If you play as a Pac-Man, follow those steps.

1- Roll the 3 yellow dice and sum their values. Then move in the maze a number of spaces corresponding to the summed value. Every Power Pellet, Pac-Dot (yellow peg), and grayed-out circle on the maze is one space.

2- Through the maze, Pac-Man moves backward, forward, down, and up. If you wish, you may move back and forth multiple times between spaces. You only need to move the number of spaces rolled. Your game is over if you land on a ghost unless you have eaten a Power Pellet.

3-If you move over a Pac-Dot in its up position, that peg must be pressed down flat, signifying that this Pac-Dot has been collected by the Pac-Man.

If you take the role of the ghost, follow those steps to chase the Pac-Man

1-The Ghost players flip over the top Ghost card in the deck.

2- Those Ghost cards show the turn order that the ghost players have to take (start from the top and go to the bottom). Every ghost has a number that shows the number of spaces it has to move.

3-As a ghost player, you may move backward, forward, down, and up. However, you have to move in a continuous direction. A Ghost may not suddenly go in reverse back to the last space it just moved from.

4-All the Ghost players may discuss their moves and cooperate; however, if a ghost pawn is moved, its turn is over.

5-If you draw a fruit card, a fruit token is placed on the start space of the Pac-Man. Eating this fruit will give the Pac-Man bonus points. After that, for the ghosts’ turn, draw another Ghost Card.

The cherries token is always placed first. Once eaten, the strawberry token is placed next. When eaten, place the last fruit, which is the orange token. Every one of those fruits increases in value

If a fruit token card is drawn, but there is already a fruit token on the maze, or all the fruit tokens have been eaten, you have to discard this card and draw a new one for the ghosts’ turn.

The players continue until Pac-Man completes the level and collects all the Pac-Dots on the board or a ghost catches him.

Power Pellets & Eating Ghosts

When Pac-Man eats a large Power Pellet, he gets to roll three more dice one by one and move that number of space. While moving, there is a chance for Pac-Man to eat the ghosts. If a ghost is eaten, they are replaced with a pair of Ghost eyes and must go back to their start to respawn.

Completing Sections of the Maze to Score

Once the Pac-Man collects all the Pac-Dots in the corner quadrant or one section of the plastic board, he gains a mini-board token of that section that is placed in his score pile. You will earn all 4 mini-board tokens If you clear all 4 sections.

If Pac-Man successfully clears the board, he will advance to level 2. All the points from Level 1 are written down on the High Score note pad, and the tokens they have collected are returned back to the starting places around the board.

After that, the five Yellow Ghost cards are added to the Ghost Deck and reshuffled. When drawing those cards, the ghosts can be a little bit faster than Level 1.

Reset the Maze as you did in level 1. and start Level 2 the same way you did with Level 1, and Pac-Man goes first. If Pac-Man continues to clear levels, keep resetting the board and begin the next level until a ghost catches him.

End of the Game

After every player plays as a Pac-Man in turn, the one who has the highest score will win the game.

Play Arcade Mode

When playing the Arcade game Mode Pac-Man will have 3 lives, so place 2 Pac-Man life tokens under the maze game board.

Also, the five Yellow Level 2 Ghost cards are added to the Ghost Deck and reshuffled. These cards will help the ghosts to be a little bit faster than Level 1 when drawn.

Our Opinion About Pac Man Board Game

The Pac Man Board Game by Buffalo Games is an incredibly faithful translation of the video game into the form of a board game. It’s a very fast-paced and easy-to-set-up game.

The game pieces are bright and colorful. They are all well made and very good quality, with a raised plastic maze and peg-like dots that Pac-Man will eat while moving around the board. Moving Pac-Man onto every new space and pushing the pegs back down is a joy.

Also, at each forceful contact with a peg, Pac-Man makes the classic waka waka waka Arcade sounds. Children will love this game; they will want to play it over and over again. Although there is no sound for the ghosts, each one of them looks superb.

The Pac-Man game has two levels to play besides the Arcade Mode to add more challenges to the game. It is easy to play and is a good choice to have some quality time with your kids and enjoy a fun game night. It is a game that the whole family can enjoy.

Pac Man Board Game