Klask Board Game

Klask Board Game

Klask is a nice mix between table football and air hockey for two people that can fit on your tabletop. The game is so simple you can learn it within seconds and play it in just 10 minutes, but it will keep you entertained for hours.

Players: 2

Game Time: 10min

Complexity: Low

Age: 8+

Release Year: 2014

It is a magnetic dexterity game where every player has his own pusher. They control their pushers with the attached handles that are magnetically connected to each pusher. And every player will defend a round goal.

By using the pusher, the plastic ball is pushed to move around the board. You can’t move your magnetic controller onto the other side of the game board because there’s a wooden piece spanning the center line.

One gamer is selected to start the game. He will move the ball into any corner of his side of the board and then hit the ball into play. After that, the players will continue until one of them scores a point. The first player who achieves 6 points will win the game.

Game Components

The Klask game box may be big, but inside of it, you’ll find only a few things. The game package comes with the rulebook, which is a folded A4 sheet of paper; as we said earlier, you only need seconds to learn, and a wooden playing board which is beautifully crafted.

Plus, there are also 3 little white cylinder magnets (with an extra one as a spare ), 2 strong magnetic strikers placed in a cloth bag, and 2 yellow balls ( one is a spare).

Klask is a high-quality game that will last for years and generations to come. It’s made of a very solid wood built structurally sound.

This tabletop game does not involve any electronics or screens; it is only a good epic magnetic battle in the making. It is like air hockey without the plug.

Klask Board Game

Game Setup

1. Place the game board between the 2 players on the tabletop.

2. Put the 3 white magnets in the center of the board on the white fields.

Notice that to prevent the 3 magnet pieces from moving away from the striker, you have to put them with their magnets facing upward.

3-In the starting position marked with 0, insert both scoring discs on the scoring slot

4. The two black magnetic strikers involve two sections. for the two sections to make magnetic contact, put the thick steering magnet under the board, and on top of the board, place the striker section

5. The youngest gamer will start the game. He will place the ball in the starting corner of his choice.

Note that throughout the game, you can only get one point at a time. Even if you knock the ball into the other player’s goal and at the same time, he attracts two white magnets and falls into his own goal, only one point you still get.

How to Play The Klask Board Game?

Klask is an award-winning head-to-head game for two players. It was created by carpenter Mikkel Bertelsen from Denmark. The game is highly competitive and always draws the crowd. It is a great choice for a party game.

During the gameplay, every player keeps scoring on the side of the board game, which is simple and effective. From underneath the playing board, the players will hold the handles. This will make the magnet on the top move anywhere you move your hand.

The game’s main objective is to score points by knocking the ball into the goal hole on your opponent’s side. The first one to score six points will win the game.

But you need to keep your attention on the little white borders. Do not get too close to these borders, as they can attach to your magnetic piece. That is something you do not want to happen.

However, knocking the opponent’s goal is not the only way for players to get points in this game. Your mistakes will give points to your opponent; those mistakes include

1-If your pusher falls into your own goal, play stops, and your opponent scores a point.

2-If there are two or three white magnetic pieces stuck to your mover; also your opponent will score a point.

3-If you lose control of your striker, and it falls over, usually from a violently fast motion. Your opponent will get a single point.

Also, during the game, there are a few rules for the players to follow.

1-Every time a player gets a single point, you have to place the white magnetic pieces back on the board on the white fields, and the gamer who did not score a point puts the ball in their corner start field.

2-When one of the white magnetic pieces attaches to a gaming piece; the players continue the game. But when two pieces of the white magnetic attach to one gaming piece, the opponent scores one point.

3-If one or more white magnetic pieces fall over the edges of the board, the game continues.

4-If the ball falls over the board edges; you have to put it back in the half from which the ball fell, in the corner start field.

Can the Entire Family Play Klask?

Klask was totally made with families in mind. This game is designed for both kids and adults. It is an easy-to-learn game with simple rules.

Klask is the perfect choice when parents want to play with their kids and spend some fun time together. The magnets have good strength, and the kids can slide them nicely above and underneath the table.

What’s more, the size of these handles under the table may make them even easier for kids to manage and consequently beat their parents.

Also, it is also a great thing that players can score points throughout the game in multiple ways, which makes the game more challenging and unpredictable. The game comes with high-quality components that withstand the child’s use. The package also includes a few spare parts.

How Does Klask Score On The Let’s Play Again Game Meter?

It scores high on the let’s play again game meter. Klask is a very quick, light game that you can play over and over again.

The game that only needs six points to win will not last long at all. Besides, the scoring occurs quickly, which is why Klask only needs 10 minutes to play.

You can play many rounds in one night. And that is a good thing as it gives you hope in every new game that you can do better.

Klask Board Game

Our Opinion About The Klask Board Game

Klask is a very fun magnetic game that comes in playable-out-of-the-box condition as it is completely assembled; that is why the Klask game box is large. It is also a game of skill that has a good balance of defending yourself and knocking the ball into the goal.

This game can be played laid on the floor or at a table, indoor or outdoor. It is an easy game that will be a great choice if you want to introduce your friend or your kid to the board games. It can be played over and over again without getting bored; it has a high replay value.

If you have always wanted to get a foosball table or a ping pong table, but there is no space enough for such a big item, then Klask is your best choice.

You can play it with your kid and have fun family games or when you invite your friends at home for a barbeque. You all will have a fun time, and you will cheer loudly. Klask is a good choice to add some fun and challenge to any family or friend gatherings as it always draws the crowd.