Board games and card games are a great way to bring friends and family together. There is nothing better than playing games with your beloved ones and having a nice time.

When you’re looking to start a new game night, the last thing on your mind is dealing with broken or lost game pieces. The right storage solution will keep them safe so that when your friends arrive, they can jump right into playing.

It is frustrating when your favorite game gets ruined because of bent or faded cards. This can make reading them difficult and sometimes impossible, which ruins the experience for all players. No one wants to spoil their evening by realizing they lost cards or had them damaged.

Store your board games in a dry place away from humidity, heat, and direct sunlight, where they’ll stay bright. Make sure to keep the cards upright or flat so that there’s no bending.

 In this article, you will learn how to store board games with different methods that will keep your board games in good condition for your next game night.

How to Store Board Games

The Benefits Of Having A Family Game Night

Having a family game night can be the perfect way to connect with your loved ones while also giving kids an opportunity for education.

Playing games together as a family can help you build memories that last forever while learning new things. Some of the lessons include:

1- The ability to take turns and share with others is important for social skills development.

 2-When the kids are playing board games, they are given a chance for their vocabulary and comprehension skills to improve greatly. They’re able to read instructions or look at different pieces during the games.

3-Learning numbers is one of the most important skills that every child must learn. Some board games can teach kids how to count and add numbers.

4-Learn how to think critically and how to use your imagination and creativity in gameplay to come up with unique solutions for the game.

5- Kids of different ages or interests are given an opportunity to have a common ground; they can have lots of fun together. This would be an awesome idea for parents who want their children to form friendships with others of similar interests.

6-The best part about playing games with your kids is that they will learn teamwork skills. You will have more fun when you get together with others who share similar interests as yours.

Family game nights are an excellent way to improve your social skills and strengthen relationships with family members and friends. It’s always fun when you get together Friday night with your beloved ones to play your favorite board game.

 Board games also provide an excuse for not having electronics around, which means more conversation can take place between you all. It is a great way to get your family connected and enjoy quality time together. Giving up screens during board game night can be a great way to get some physical activity together.

How to Store Board Games

Board Game Storage Tips & Tricks

To get started on your board game organization journey, here are some smart tips.

Pare down your collection

If no one in your household plays a particular game anymore, get rid of it. If the product has not been opened in over one year, then the chances of it being opened again are extremely low.

If you have an item that is still in good shape, consider donating it to your favorite secondhand store or giving it to other children. Believe me; no one will miss it.

Group game boxes by similar box size

When storing your board games in your home, don’t just sort them by their names or topics. Instead, arrange the boxes of similar sizes together so that you can find a space on shelves, and they’ll also look better.

Line your storage shelves.

If you have painted shelves, boxes will stick over time and peel off, ruining both themselves as well as the board game boxes.

The best way to avoid this mess is by using the shelf liner to protect your shelf. These are cheap and will last for years.

Ziploc bags will save the day.

They may not be chic, but they are certainly good at their job. Save your original game boxes with Ziploc bags. This is a great way to keep small pieces of the board game safe while saving space on shelves for storage. It will be able to keep your precious small parts safe.

The dollar store is your friend.

The dollar store is a great place to find solutions for storing your board games. Look at the small storage containers and organizers that are available.

Also, be sure to use your creative thinking as there is a product designed for storing food or other to store board games and small items.

How to Store Board Games

1-Hide them under your coffee table

If you have a living room with plenty of space for playing board games and tabletop contests, then underneath the coffee table is the best place to store your board games.

It will keep all your favorite playing pieces in one place so that they’re easy to find when it comes time to play. There are coffee tables with storage space for baskets, meaning they’re within easy reach.

2-Use cupboard game storage

One of the best places to store board games is in a cupboard or cabinet with doors. It keeps them clean and tidy, which will make sure that you can find what game you’re looking for when it’s time to play without having to sort through shelves or dust off old ones.

You can also make your home look neat and organized by hiding away your board games that might be in the way. You may want to keep the cupboard upstairs or downstairs, and if so, then this will ensure they don’t collect dust.

3-Use hanging board game storage

The hanging closet organizer can work well for storing and organizing board games. This is typically kept in a closet to keep them out of sight. 

The extra space in your closet can be used for your clothes. Get creative with storing all of those board games you’ve been keeping around.

4-Make it fun with a kid’s activity table

Kids activity tables are great for all sorts of kids’ activities like painting, drawing, or crafting. But this table is also even perfect for storing your family’s board game collection.

By using this method, you’ll never have to worry about not being able to find a specific game when your kids want to play. Just make sure to have a table with enough drawers to add extra space for storage.

5– Use a practical toy box

Toy boxes are a great way to store your board games and keep them in good condition, away from dirt and other messy substances, and make them easy to find when you want.

Toy boxes not only provide extra storage for your games, but they’re also useful in another way. Some toy box models double up as seats or footrests, so you won’t have any problems blending it into the rest of your comfortable furniture.

6-Keep them clean in closed, stackable containers

The stackable containers are great if you have limited floor space. They can be used in tight spaces, like the kitchen or your garage.

 These containers will keep all of your board games away from potential damage. You won’t have to worry about water spillages because it’s designed with a raised top for easy cleanup.

Consider labeling your containers as it is hard to know which game is stored in each container, especially when there are lots of them, unless you have transparent containers. With stackable containers, you can maximize the use of your floor space.

7-Place them in plastic storage boxes

How to Store Board Games

The plastic storage tubs or boxes are extremely practical, and they can be filled with all sorts of items to keep your home organized.

This is because the material ensures that your belongings will be safe from dirt or moisture even if you store them somewhere where others can see.

This option will not only keep your games clean and safe, but it will also keep them in one specific place, so you know where everything goes. The plastic storage boxes are the best board game storage ideas for any gamer who’s prone to losing some pieces from his collection.

8-Opt for open shelving

You can store your board games by using open shelves instead of a game closet or drawers. They are the perfect solution for small spaces and can be used in any location with minimal flooring. They just need to have enough depth.

Besides being space savers, the board game shelf comes in varying styles to match your home decor. These are the perfect choice for any room in the house.

Whether you’re looking for a rustic, contemporary, or sleek and stylish design, there is sure to be something that will fit your interior design needs.

9-Go with a bookcase

Bookcases never go out of style, and they’re perfect for storage. They are available in different sizes. Whether you’re looking for a large bookcase for your living room or one that is smaller and more compact for the playroom, there’s sure to be something that suits your needs.

Board games take up a lot of space. For those with an extensive collection, they can be stored in bookcases. They are easily stacked up onto the bookshelves, and you’ll have enough room for all your boxes. This is one of the best storage solutions that will work for any family, even if you only have a few games in your collection.

10-Use wheeled storage

Wheeled storage is a great way to keep your living space organized and make it easier to transport your board games collection around the house.

This type of board game storage may be the best option for those who have a large living space. Most wheeled storage units give easy access to what you need, as it comes with drawers that let you pull out your games with ease.

11-Under bed storage

Canvas bags and high-quality plastic bags are great for storage under your bed, as the cheaper ones may not have enough strength to retain their shape after a while.

You can utilize a space that isn’t often used and keep your board games nice & tidy. The zip closures on these bags ensure your items stay secure without any need to worry.

5 Easy Ways To Organize Card Games That You Will Love

Some people may find organizing card games tricky because the size and shape of boxes make it difficult to keep things tidy. You can use small storage containers for organization, stacking them on top of each other.

To make sure your card games stay safe and organized, you need to choose the right container to store games. There are lots of organization ideas out there, so find one that you like.

1-Organize card games in mesh pouches

How to Store Board Games

It is a really simple and easy way to organize smaller games with pouches. If you don’t have enough room, these compact containers are the way to go.

Pouches are great for organizing all your stuff. You can hang them on hooks, stack them in shelving units or tuck them away inside some other container like game boxes and shoeboxes.

 The best part about pouches is that they’re also easy to grab when you want to play with friends and family members. Packing for a vacation? Pouches are the perfect way to store your card games. They don’t take up too much space in your suitcase.

2-Organize card games in plastic photo boxes

The way you organize your card games will depend on the number of card games you have. If you have a lot of card games, then you may think about using these awesome photo storage boxes.

It consists of 18 smaller boxes within the larger box. The boxes are like small plastic drawers. They are so easy to use, and it is perfect for traveling. You will really enjoy this storage solution.

3-Food storage container

All shape cards are to be stored in a hard-shelled plastic container of a suitable size. The playing cards shouldn’t be exposed to direct moisture or air; this way, they last longer. To easily find the games when you want, Label them properly, then store them easily in a dry storage container.

4-Using a file or card clip

Place the card deck with a file clip or Card Clips, and they won’t stray away. The card clips are designed to hold the deck of cards together.

They are used to protect the shape of cards. If they’re not organized in a certain way, then there is a risk of losing them or damaging their shape over time.

5-Soap container

If you lost your container or ruined it, you can use a bar soap container or any other one of a suitable size to store your card game. In order to prevent the cards from getting damaged or lost, it is important to place them in a case when not being used.


Now that you know about all of these great storage ideas for board games and card games, it’s time to get started. You’ll be able to organize and maintain an entire collection of them and find yourself with more space in no time at all. 

The storage solutions for board games can be as simple as you want. The most important thing is to find a method that works with your space and fits the size of your collection. Knowing how to store board games the right way will ensure that your board games stay in pristine condition for years.