Decrypto Board Game

Decrypto Board Game

The Decrypto board game is one where two teams try to decipher 3-digit codes by interpreting messages posed between teammates while at the same time figuring out what their opponent’s secret codenames might be.

Players: 3-8

Game Time: 30min

Complexity: Low

Age: 12+

Release Year: 2018

The opposing team is given a code, screen, and 4 cards with numbers 1 through 4 written on them. The corresponding codes are hidden from the other players, visible only to teammates so that they may try guessing what code might be underneath each card.

The game is designed so that one player will have to give their teammates a coded message for them to work together and figure out what 3-digit number may be on the card. If you get it right, then you will be satisfied knowing your victory is earned through hard work instead of just luck.

The game package comes with 2 Screens, 110 Keyword cards, 48 Code cards, 4 Interception tokens, 4 Miscommunication tokens, 50 note sheets, 1 Sand Timer, 1 rulebook.

How to Set Up The Decrypto Board Game?

1-Gamers split up into two teams. Make sure that each team has an equal number of players.

2- Every Team will sit on either side of the table, facing each other. The players from the opposite team are across the table and have difficulty seeing what’s going on with their opponents because they are sitting at one table.

3- Every Team will take one screen, draw four Keyword cards and place them in the appropriate places on the screen. They have to make sure not to show them to the opposing team.

4- After that, The Team takes the Code Deck that’s colored to match their screen.

5-Every team will get one note sheet. They can record the clues and anything they get from the other team. remember to write your team name on the note sheet

Keep in mind that the Note Sheet has two sides, one for your team and the other is meant to be for the opposing players. The edges match the colors of the screens, so it’s easy to see.

6-The sand timer, interception tokens, and miscommunication cards are placed in line in front of the players.

Decrypto Board Game


Are you interested in learning how to play the Decrypto board game? Here we go:

The Decrypto game involves a series of rounds (usually between 4-6). At the beginning of each round, one member from each team will take the role of Encryptors. The round starts with giving clues for every team code, then both of them try to guess what the opponents’ codes are before time runs out!

The Encryptor of every Team reads a code card from their own personal Deck without letting any player see it. He wants his teammates to say the secret code first.

At the start of the first round, the Encryptor of each Team will write 3 clues on their 3 lines. The first digit in each code is written at the top line and the other digits below it. Whatever color your team is using, use the side of the note sheet corresponding to it. 

The Encryptor of the White Team will then read the 3 clues loudly and give the sheet to his teammates. The Black Team will write down the 3 clues on the white side of their sheet.

The two teams then discuss the clues and try to know what the code is. Once one team guesses the solution, they write their guessed number for each clue at the end of every line.

It is obvious that the Encryptor will not participate in this as he already knows the clues. They have to do nothing to their teams’ conversation.

After both teams are done, The Black Team intercepts by reading what they think is the 3-digit code and hoping they guess the correct code.

Then the White Team will attempt to decipher the code by saying the three-digit codes they have guessed. They also have a hope of being the winners. In the end, the Encryptor of the White Team will reveal their Code card.

The opposing team intercepts the white team’s codes and receives an Interception token if they guess right. But they will not get any penalty if their numbers are not matching.

If the White Team keyword’s code was incorrectly interpreted, they would get Miscommunication tokens. They will not get any rewards if the codes match up correctly.

At the end of the round, the team lost when he had collected two Miscommunication tokens and won when he obtained 2 Interception ones.

If nobody achieves these conditions before then, it’s time for another round of Crypto encryption. start by drawing new Code cards from each Deck and putting them face down on the table next to you; choose an encryptor per team as well so that everyone gets a chance at trying theirs again.

What Is The Meaning Of Tiebreaker?

It happens when a team gets two Miscommunication tokens and two Interception tokens at the end of a round; this means that team wins and loses at the same time.

In another case, when the two teams have the second Interception token in the same round;

and also when the two teams get the second Miscommunication token in the same round, and when the 8 round ends, and none of the teams has won or lost.

In this case, here is how to know who is the winner:

Start by Counting the points. One Interception token equals +1 point, and the Miscommunication token equals -1 point. The winner is the team with the highest score.

Can The whole Family Enjoy The Decrypto Board Game?

We all want to play a fun game and be challenged at the same time. The Decrypto card game delivers on both counts. It sounds simple, but it’s very thought-provoking – which makes this an awesomely addictive team game for people of any age (although it is recommended for 12+).

The recommended ages are right there on your box; however, since you can always challenge yourself by playing with friends or family members additionally interested in joining up too.

The younger generation, who are still learning how to play games at their own pace without any pressure from other people around them or expectations on what they should do next, can participate in this game.

This means anyone who wants some good old-fashioned brain-twisting action should give themselves permission now to lighten up. Also, this word game will help family members to cooperate and understand each other well.

Decrypto Board Game

What Is The Replayability Score Of The Decrypto Board Game?

Our “Let’s Play Again” game score for this game is too high. Decrypto is a unique, entertaining game. Every time you play it, you will feel the same excitement.

This isn’t like any other board game you’ve played before. I love that there is no setup time for this game. It only takes a few seconds to pull out the Keyword cards, and then you’re ready.

You don’t need an equal number or a particular number on each team, either. We’ve often played with five players (a team of 3 or 2) before without any problem at all.

To make things even easier, we’ve found that five players work well too, which means less wait time while others find their partners; who don’t like playing games quickly?

Decrypto board game is a great game for family game night with two teams of three. The perfect evening will be better by playing against another couple, or even just between yourselves as individuals.

With 50 provided note sheets, it’s easy to go through them all before deciding who has the best encryption skills (or have someone else do this). You can also play doubles if there are four players.

Our Opinion About The Decrypto Board Game

I’ve always been good at figuring out codes and puzzles, which makes this game really challenging. You have to be creative with your clues. But do not be too clever because your team will lose if they do not know the solution as well.

Also, make sure that they don’t get stolen by the other team because if someone solves it, then you lose the game.

What better way to spend time with friends than by playing a game? I always look forward to our next round of clue giving and answering because it really does seem like such fun for everyone involved. You know that no matter who wins or loses at this point, we just think about how to have a fun time together.

It’s one of those rare games where you can enjoy both processes: solving clues while also planning how to win or lose.

The game is great for communicating and collaborating with your team. With larger teams, the clue-giver can sometimes really come up with obscure clues because he has more chances that someone will get it right away.

The discussions between teammates often lead to an animated conversation about what might happen next in this fun-filled activity, which makes me enjoy playing even more than before

When we come to the Decrypto board game quality, the components are designed with features. The dashboard is sturdy and won’t fall over accidentally, making it great for kids.

 It is suitable for people who need something lightweight but durable enough to hold up against bumps along any surface without worrying about breaking apart easily under pressure (though accidents will happen, so make sure you know your child’s limitations before giving them this task).

One side of each sheet has white text while another contains black ink, making it easy to distinguish between teams if needed; plus, there’s also an overlay printed onto both sides to prevent the other team from seeing the codes.


Decrypto board game is a party game. It is an engaging and creative game. This game is perfect for a group of 4-8 people who want to have fun and learn new things at the same time.

The rules are easy enough that you can quickly learn them while still challenging your brain. You’ll find yourself coming up with creative solutions when playing the Decrypto board game soon after starting it because there’s no limit on what kind of idea might show itself during gameplay.