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Empire Board Games first started in the summer of 2008 as the project of the young Utah Entrepreneur Jeremy Blake. John is a 30 year old from Utah who works where and how he feels like at doing full time affiliate marketing with SEO. He’s intimidated by girls, believes in UFO’s and loves Board Games. He started Empire Board Games with a goal to get the best board games at the best prices to the masses.

We here at Empire are trying to live up to John’s original goal, discounting everything we carry on the site, often all the way to our legal limits. We want the masses to be able to play the games we love like Dominion, Ticket to Ride, and Arkham Horror. You will find we simply love to play games, but unfortunately can’t share our closet with everyone (it’s where we keep our board games).

Over the next couple years we hope to see a major shift in the Board Games industry, we want to see the masses entertained and not just “The Geeks”. We want to get social with everyone TheGeek, the Social Board Gamer, and the First Timer. You can find us in a variety of place on the web teaching, playing, and interacting with others about our Board Games. You can find Empire Board Games on Facebook, Empire Board Games on Twitter, and Empire Board Games on YouTube.

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