10 Best 3 Player Board Games

Are you looking for the best 3 player board games? This article is for you. Board games are a good alternative for using technology like computers and mobile games.

It does not only kill time, but it encourages problem-solving skills and teamwork and improves competitive spirit.

Each board game requires a specific number of players. A lot of board games require a large number of players to play. Lowering it will make the game harder to play.

Sometimes gathering enough friends is not easy. On the other hand, with a 3 player board game, a small group will be more than enough.

In this guide, we will share the 10 best 3-player board games that will kickstart your game night.

GameNumber Of PlayersRecommended Age
Catan Board Game: Base Game3-410+
Hasbro Gaming Scrabble Game2-48+
Pandemic Board Game2-413+
Spot It: Classic Card Game   2-86+
Forbidden Island – The Cooperative Strategy Survival Island Board Game2-410+
Ravensburger Horrified: Universal Monsters Strategy Board Game1-510+
Lords of Waterdeep Board Game2-512+
Dominion: First Edition2-413+
Agricola: Revised Edition1-412+


10 Best 3 Player Board Games

Players : 2-12

Ages: 7+

Game Time: 10-30 minutes

Complexity: Low

Release Year: 1982

The Sequence game is a perfect choice for both who like to play individually and or co-op in teams. It has a range of 2-12 players. So it is ideal for both small and big family gatherings.

Because Sequence is easy for everyone, 7 years players and up can play it. The package also comes with a complete construction guide. This will help to understand the rules correctly. In fact, these rules are not that hard.

About the rules, Sequence has 8 jack cards, which makes the gameplay more exciting. Four of them are wild cards which are called two-eye jacks. You can use them to put your chips in any place on the board.

While the four others were called one-eyed jacks, this one can eliminate the chips of your opponent. But be aware that it will not work with a complete sequence.

To play the game, each player has his cards in his hands. Start selecting one of your choices and put it on the discard pile with its face upward.

After that, put the ship in a related place on the board. Notice that each card picture is found twice on the board. So you have to play with a strategy.

The first team or individual who scores a sequence of five cards in a row will win the game. Besides working with a strategy, a little luck can help.


Ideal for both individual and team playing

Simple and easy even with no gaming experience

Perfect for both children and adults

Enhance brain functions

Played with 2-12 players

A blend of both card games and board games


It depends on a little Luck.

Final Thoughts

Whether you have a high challenging spirit or prefer teamwork games, Sequence will be best for you. It is easy for kids and enjoyable for adults. Besides, both small and big groups can play this game.

Catan Board Game: Base Game 

10 Best 3 Player Board Games

Players: 3-4

Ages: 10+

Game Time: 60 minutes

Complexity: Medium

Release Year: 2009

Catan is a civilization-building game. It is for people who love to build societies, trade goods and settle homes. You are a settler of the Catan island, and you have to compete with other settlers to establish your civilizations faster than them.

As the game goes, each player will earn victory points, and the first one that gets 10 victory points will win the game.

In Catan, earning victory points can be done by three methods. The first one is to establish cities and settlements on the board. However, to do this, you must get the required resources.

The next other method is by earning accomplishments like the biggest army and longest road. Lastly, you can buy victory cards that may give you victory points as well.

Notice that resources are the main key to winning this game. More resources mean more building and buying.

Resources are important, but how can I have those resources? Well, that is an important question.

Each tile on the board comes with a number on it. When a new turn begins, a player starts rolling the disc. The players who own a settlement on a tile with the same number will get the resource drawn on it. That is why it is essential to build your settlements with a strategy.

Having the five types of resources will help you to move forward. So you may prefer to be on tiles that have variants of resources.

Once you get your resources, you can start building roads or settlements, purchase development cards, and also exchange resources with others if you want. it improves your resource management skills

Finally, the Catan Board Game is designed for 3-4 players and is perfect for ages 10 and up. The average gameplay is 60 minutes.


Trading is a good factor in the game.

Has a high replayability

The game has easy rules.


Dice Rolling games depend on a little luck.

Small kids may need a little help to create a good strategy.

Final Thoughts

Catan Board Game is a tactical board game. You can compete with your friends and family to know who will build your civilization faster. This game is a good way to learn how to build a great strategy.

Hasbro Gaming Scrabble Game

10 Best 3 Player Board Games

Players: 2-4

Ages: 8+

Game Time: 90 minutes

Complexity: Low

Release Year: 2018

There is no doubt that scrabble games have a lot of popularity. It is an entertaining game with easy constructions. whether you are with friends or want to have an enjoyable night game, scrabble games do the job

This game is from the Hasbro Gaming brand. It is ideal for players 8 years and more and needs 2-4 players to playgame.

The Hasbro Gaming Scrabble Game package comes with 100 wooden letter tiles, a drawstring letter bag, four title racks, and an instruction guide to learn the game rules.

To playgame, all players have to pick up a letter tile from the bag. The player who has the A letter or the closest to it will start first and create the first word.

After that, Each one will get 7 tiles. After the first player finishes the first word, the others will start to create words one by one.

As a player, it is your decision to put the word on the board, replace them with other tiles, or pass and wait for a letter that will give an award with a high score.

When you put a word on the board, you have to pick up another letter from the bag. You must pick the same number of letters you already used.

Use a pen and paper to write down the scores. When the game ends, the player with the highest score is the winner.

You can play this game alone. It will help to improve both your strategic skills and vocabulary. The Hasbro Gaming Scrabble Game can also be played with friends and family. Whether you want to play as an individual or as a team, make sure you will have a nice and enjoyable time.


Have easy and simple rules

Enhance your vocabulary and tactical skills

Perfect for the team and individual players

A game that you can play on your own


You must know a lot of vocabulary to win the game.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a game with simple rules that anyone can play, Hasbro Gaming Scrabble Game will be your best choice. Players with good memory and have a lot of vocabulary will find this game very interesting.

Pandemic Board Game

10 Best 3 Player Board Games

Players: 1-6

Ages: 4+

Game Time: 15 Minutes

Complexity: Low

Release Year: 2013

Do you like scientific films where medical heroes save the world from diseases? Then you will love this game. The world depends on you and your disease-fighting team to fight four deadly diseases and save humanity.

As a part of the elite disease-fighting team, you have the challenge of protecting people from getting infected. The Pandemic board game shows the areas that are the most populous. Your team’s role is to take actions that will serve their goals.

These actions involve traveling between cities, finding a cure, treating infected people, and building research stations.

But remember, only one action can be done for each turn. For that reason, planning a strategy before taking a step is an essential thing. Winning this game depends totally on strategy; there is no sort of luck here.

Pandemic board game is for ages 13 and up. It can be played with 2-4 players. Each one of them has his own skills. they have to use those skills to aid their team

For example, the operation expert takes responsibility for building the research station. And the scientist can take the cards related to discovering a cure.

The pandemic game has a duration of 45 minutes. Your team can win only by curing the four diseases. If the time runs out, your team will lose.


Based Totally on strategy.

A teamwork game

Improve decision-making skills


Rules can be a little hard to understand for small children.

Final Thoughts

If you want a game based on building a strategy with no place for luck, the Pandemic board game is what you need. It is a good game for adults who can make decisions and enjoy teamwork games.

Spot It: Classic Card Game

10 Best 3 Player Board Games

Players: 2-8

Ages: 6+

Game Time: 15 minutes

Complexity: Low

Release Year: 2011

Spot It depends mainly on high observation skills. It is a visual perception game. Players from 6 years and up can play this game.

For kids, it will improve concentration, fine motor, and speech-language skills. Plus, just 15 minutes of playtime will be enough to play this game. So the kids will not be busy studying their lessons.

Adults also will find it a really fun game as it enhances the challenging spirit. Spot It needs 2-8 players to play the game. It is a great way to spend an enjoyable time with your kids.

The package comes with 55 cards. Each one of them includes 8 different symbols providing you with a lot of variety.

The game’s rules are to search for identical symbols and speak out the name of that symbol loudly. The first one shouting the correct name of the symbol collects points and wins the round. At the end of the game, the player with the highest score is the winner.

You have to learn each symbol’s name before playing. Do not worry; the game comes with a manual that includes all the names. After all, you do not want to lose before you just say the wrong name.

Notice that the symbols on the cards are similar in colors and shapes, but they may have different sizes. So having sharp eyes and fast action will make you win the game.

Finally, Spot It is an easy-to-learn game, even for new players. Plus, it is easy to carry to your friend’s house to have a fun night game.


Easy to learn for beginners

Have simple rules

Enhance concentration and strong observation skills

Improves challenge spirit

For both kids and adults

Portable game


Speed is everything; people with a slow reflex will lose the game.

Final Thoughts

Spot It is best for people with a sharp eye and high concentration skills. It is a very beneficial game for kids. If you want a game to improve your children’s skills and encourage their challenging spirit, this one’s for you.

Forbidden Island – The Cooperative Strategy Survival Island Board Game

10 Best 3 Player Board Games

Players: 2-4

Ages: 10+

Game Time: 30 minutes

Complexity: Low

Release Year: 2010

Do you dream of becoming a treasure hunter and having a lot of adventures? Forbidden Island will make your dream come true.

Prepare a team of 2-4 players. You and your team have to find the treasures that are hidden in the islands. Those islands are sinking, and as a player, you have to save those treasures before they are swallowed up. It is a do-or-die mission.

The forbidden island game comes with 24 island tiles. The treasures are on some of them. To get those treasures, you must have four similar cards. Then you have to land on the island where it exists.

As the game proceeds, the island will start sinking. You have to save treasure before it does, or you lose the game. The mission has to be done in only 30 minutes.

Your team may need to sacrifice their game lies to win the game. After all, it is a teamplay game. The winning of one player means the whole team.

Each player of your team will have a pawn that will give him specific skills. Players have to use it wisely.

There are some actions the player can make in each turn. Those actions include: moving, shoring up a sinking tile, and sharing a card with another player, but they have to be on the same island or to capture a treasure.

Once you are done with your move, pick two cards from the treasure deck. Remember to take a look at the water level and pick the corresponding card number from the flood deck.

The rules of the game may look a little difficult, but the Forbidden Island package comes with an instruction manual to help you understand the game.

After you collect all four treasures, Use the helicopter card to leave the island with your team and win the game.

As you see, this game totally depends on cooperative teamwork and requires strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. Finally, Forbidden Island is for players 10 years old and up.


Cooperative board game

Give a feeling of adventure.

Improve problem-solving skills

Enhance tactical skills


The rules can be a little difficult to understand for small kids.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a new adventure, the Forbidden Island game is the one for you. You can work with your team to find treasure and have a fun family game.

Ravensburger Horrified: Universal Monsters Strategy Board Game

10 Best 3 Player Board Games

Players: 1-5

Ages: 10+

Game Time: 45-60 minutes

Complexity: Low

Release Year: 2019

In this game, you have to save the city from monsters. Those monsters are Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, The Bride of Frankenstein, The Mummy, Dracula, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and The Invisible Man.

Each one of those monsters has a specific power, and to beat them, you have to finish some tasks.

Ravensburger Horrified has a player count of 1-5 players. Each player will get one of the seven heroes. Heroes have different unique abilities, and various number of actions players can take each turn, but most of them have only four actions.

Every turn, you will go through the hero phase and the monster phase. Then the next players will do the same one by one.

In the hero phase, you will move around the board and collect items. Those items will help you to defeat monsters.

You can also keep the villagers away from the monsters. Every time you save a villager, you will get a perk card. Perk cards help players to have more actions, move a monster, or move freely.

However, in the monster phase, you will pick up a monster card and try to solve these three things. Firstly, the number at the card top, take that many items from your bag, and put them back on the board at the same location.

After that, the event will activate a monster or put a villager on the board. And lastly, take a look at the card bottom to see if any monster is in the role of moving and attacking.

When the monster takes a move, check if it is within a villager or a hero range. If it is, start rolling one or more attacking dice. The dice have 2 bad icons, which are the monster power and the hit icons.

The villager will be taken down if the hit icon is twisted against him. Otherwise, if it is twisted against the hero, he has the choice to stop it using items or to take the hit. In contrast, the monster power icon can activate the special power of the monster.

To win this game, you have to defeat all the monsters. Finally, Ravensburger Horrified is a 60 minutes duration game, and players 10 years and up can play it.


Fun game

Team play game

Encourage fast-thinking


It may be a little difficult for small kids.

Final Thoughts

If you want to be the hero that saves the city of monsters, the Horrified board game will be your choice. Play it on your own or with friends and have an imaginary night game.

Lords of Waterdeep Board Game

10 Best 3 Player Board Games

Players: 2-4

Ages: 4+

Game Time: 15 minutes

Complexity: Low

Release Year: 2019

Lords of Waterdeep Board Game is the perfect game for those who like to have an adventure. In the game, you will play as one of the kingdom Lords. Those lords are the secret rulers of the city. All the lords will compete to take control of the Forgotten Realms town of Waterdeep.

Once the players have their lord cards, they have to pick two quest cards and collect four gold. The players choose one of them to be the first player, and every one of the other players will get extra gold pieces to recompense for starting later that round.

On each player’s turn, he will do two actions. The first action is to assign an agent. Here you can put one of your agents in a free area on the game board. You can place just one agent in each area.

After that, each player will send his agent to finish some tasks. Those agents will construct buildings, collect quests, recruit adventurers, and play intrigue cards.

The second action is to complete a quest. After you place your agent, he can complete a quest. But he must have all the needed items. He has to return them to the supply and put the finished guest in the score pile to get your reward.

After the first player is done, the others take their turn one by one. when another round started, the players collected the whole agents and started again

There are eight rounds to play this game. After the final round, the player with the highest score will win and become the new Lord of Waterdeep.

Lords of Waterdeep Board Game is a mix of adventure, wealth, popularity, and battles for fame. It requires a lot of strategic and tactical thinking. The wiser player will have more winning chances.

Finally, players 12 years and up can play this game. it has a 60 minutes duration, and 2-5 players can play it


Make you feel you are on an adventure.

Very exciting game

Comes with short rules that are easy to learn


It may be too short for five players.

Final Thoughts

If you want to have a new adventure, the Lords of Waterdeep Board Game is a good choice. This game will only last around an hour. So it is perfect for having an exciting night game with family without getting bored, especially if you have work the next morning.

Dominion: First Edition

10 Best 3 Player Board Games

Players: 2-4

Ages: 13+

Game Time: 30 minutes

Complexity: Low

Release Year: 2008

Dominion is a great game if you want to build your own kingdom. It is recommended for players 13 years old and up and needs 30 minutes to play. 2-4 players can play this game. But you can play it as a solo if you want.

The main goal is to construct the kingdom with the biggest expansions. To do that, you have to dominate all the areas and accumulate the whole assets you can.

Since other players share the same target, You all have to race until someone wins. Once the game ends, the player who collects the most lands, wealth, and properties will win the game.

The game seems simple, but the game needs a lot of creativity, strategy, and tactical thinking. Though the goal and the rules of the game will be the same, you may repeat the game again and again. there are a lot of strategies to use and a thousand card combinations, which make every game more entertaining and unique

However, if you get bored with this version, you can try the second edition of Dominion. This game can be played cooperatively or by challenging others. Whatever how you choose to play it, you will have a fun time with friends and family


Easy to understand

Perfect for those who love building kingdoms

Play as a solo or a team


It might feel a little slow-paced, especially for one or two-players gaming.

Final Thoughts

The Dominion board game is for you if you enjoy building kingdoms. You can challenge your friend and see who will build the biggest kingdom and win the game.

Agricola: Revised Edition

10 Best 3 Player Board Games

Players: 1-4

Ages: 12+

Game Time: 90 minutes

Complexity: Medium

Release Year: 2007

Do you love to live on a farm and live the farmer’s life? Then Agricola will be your perfect choice. You can play it by yourself or gather up to 3 of your friends who have a passion for gardening and farming. So it is perfect for both solo and challenging playing. 

In the Agricola board game, you will play as a farmer who lives in a small wooden cabin with his spouse. You have to plan, grow, and harvest crops to support your family.

In each round, you can take only two actions, one for your spouse and the other for you. Some of these moves include collecting clay, building fences, and feeding and growing your family.

Notice that the same action can not be chosen with two players. If you choose an action that another player already did, you will miss out.

Having a big family means more actions. But it also means you need more food to feed them. So you must choose the right time to grow your family.

Players 12 years and up can play this game. It is an easy way to introduce your kids to farm life. Another thing, the Agricola game comes with 14 rounds, and it will need around 90 minutes to be finished. The winner is the one who established the best farmyard.


You can practice strategic and tactical skills.

You can play by yourself.

Gamers will learn a lot about farm life.


Setting up the board game on the tabletop will take minutes.

Final Thoughts

Agricola is for people who enjoy and want to live on a farm. It is a strategy game that will introduce you to the farmer’s life and how he spends his day and takes care of his family to give them a good life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best 3 Player Board Games

What are The Benefits of Playing Board Games?

Playing board games has a lot of benefits, either for children or adults. Of course, those benefits vary from one game to another.

Makes the Relationship Between Family and Friends Stronger

There is no doubt that we live in a busy world. Everyone has a thing to do. Dad is busy at work, and Mom is too. Even at home, keeping the house cleaned needs time and effort.

On the other hand, the kids need to go to school and study their lessons. And for friends, they also have a life. They will not be here all the time. So, what is the best method to get rid of the stress of life and have some time with your beloved people? 

Board games give friends and family a way to have some fun together. Team-playing board games will teach them how to win by cooperating.

While others need to compete to encourage the challenging spirit to win the game of life, whichever game you choose, it is an excellent way to keep family and friends closer together.

Board Games Improve the Brain Functions

Board games are a good method to enhance tactical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills.

Some of those games can enhance your memory retention, making you more concentrated and even focus on the details. In fact, it is a good exercise for your brain to keep it working.

Board Games Decreases Stress and Makes You Happier

Board games are helpful in relieving work and school stress. It is a good and entertaining way to relax and start the next day fresh and relieved.

Board Games Improve Self-Confidence and Encourage Creativity

Those games can provide good help for increasing player interaction for those who lack self-confidence. Whether they play on a team or individually, a great sense will be instilled in them. When feeling that their skills are valued, they will be more appreciated and confident. 

How to Choose the Best 3 Player Board Game?

In order to choose the best 3-player board game for you, there are several things to keep in mind. First, the number of players you want to play this game.

For example, if you want to play a solo, you have to choose a game where the minimum number of players is one player, such as Ravensburger Horrified: Universal Monsters Strategy Board Game or Agricola: Revised Edition.

But if you want to play in a team, Pandemic Board Game will be a good choice. However, if you want to compete with other players, Sequence is perfect for you.

What are The Best Games to Play With Kids?

If you want a game to play with your kids, you have to choose the one with easy and simple rules. For example, the sequence game will improve their brain functions.

Scrabble games as well will improve your kids’ vocabulary and strategic thinking. If you want to improve their observation and concentration skills, spot it will be your best option.


There is a wide variety of board games out there. You can find board games that suit every different occasion. But the number of players is something you have to look for when buying your game. Our guide will help you to select the best board game that will match your needs.

Whether you want to play alone, compete with others, or play as a team, the best 3-player board games will make you have a nice enjoyable game night with a low number of players.